Marketing Conference Postcard Book

JLT London
Photography | Graphics | Layout


Jardine Lloyd  Thompson Group is a British multinational corporation, that provides insurance, reinsurance, employment-related advice and brokerage services.

Such a great team to work with at JLT. Well balanced from Marketing, PR, Digital to Design Team. Quality print design still needed in the corporate world.

Most of the work produced were printed materials, such as brochures, leaflets, newsletters, magazines, adverts, pull-up banners. Also graphics for digital sites, webs, mailings and videos.

The work below was the last I did as for JLT as a freelance, working together with the Design Manager, Courtney Saphiro. This was an internal marketing material for a partner conference. A handout to give away. Really hard work to get it delivered in time as Courtney and I had to get information from many different sources. Two days taking pictures to get those old-fashioned portraits, layout, artwork and send it to printers in less than two weeks, all done!

“Juan worked very well within the team and was flexible in his approach with the type of work he was given. All designers in the team are required to work on multiple jobs and to manage the client and production process from design to completion. The work produced by the team is conceptual and to a high standard. Juan was able to regularly deliver the standards required and his additional photography skills made him a valuable member of the team.”
Courtney Saphiro, Design Manager at JLT