Tapas Revolution

Spanish Restaurant chain | UK
Branding | Stationary | Displays | Social networking images | Mailing | Photography

Tapas Revolution is a Spanish restaurant chain part of Ibericos LTD. This was the first company I worked for when I moved to London in 2012.

During that time I was the only graphic designer working for the company. They had 3 restaurants and although the brand was already made I had to work on multiple jobs, managing the client and production process from design to completion.

It was so much fun working on this projects, from large prints (Westfield and Bluewater shopping centres, where they have restaurants and also Shoreditch opening restaurant), to small prints (stationary), video filming and editing (cooking videos for Youtube channel), food, event and portrait photography (supporting the social media and digital team), graphics for mailing, website and merchandising.

Thanks to Omar, Mac and Gus for this opportunity, my first 3 years in London!